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“The website is our only sales channel and has been instrumental in the promotion of our product. For a simple product, it can be difficult to explain – but OnDesign has done an excellent job of making it as accessible as possible, to the people who matter."
James - Owner, IBC Tippers

IBC Tippers approached OnDesign to bring a unique new product to market. The IBC Tipper automatically tilts an IBC (large liquid tank) to ensure all of the contents are drained at the outlet – which is very important when the contents are expensive.

As the products are built to customer specifications, each is unique. Therefore, no photography could be taken of all combinations so a 3D model was produced in Cinema4D with all possible versions rendered out. These images have been used across promotional materials as well as on the website, where the user can select options to view the image of their chosen unit.

3D rendering for IBC Tippers website design

A series of 9 illustrations were created to highlight the benefits of using an IBC Tipper, some of which were animated for the website. OnDesign produced flyers, business stationery, instructions, branded pens, polo shirts, stickers and more.

Flyer design with illustration for IBC Tippers

Being a brand new company with no competition, it was important to develop online blanket coverage for all relevant keywords. The site now sits at number one for all initial keywords and optimisation for more long tail results is ongoing.

Website design and development for IBC Tippers

The website was designed in Sketch and then built using WordPress and WooCommerce to manage the eCommerce side of things. All templates were developed from scratch and are fully responsive working across desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Regularly attending trade shows, IBC Tippers wanted an easy way to show how cost effective their product was. OnDesign produced iOS app to instantly calculate savings and repayment period. You can try out a simplified version below.

Visit website - ibctippers.co.uk
App design and development for IBC Tippers
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